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While we have paying students at the school, we focus on keeping the fees as low as possible. With that said, we have many expenses to keep our doors- facility costs, like rent, kid's foods, staff's salary, electricity, water and internet. We also need to stock our classrooms with educational tools. 

We accept donations in all forms. If you would like to help with items, we are in particular need of:

- Laptops, projectors and extension cords

- English books to stock our library

- Durable toys, like large building blocks or kick bikes

- Printer cartridges, printing paper, pencils

If you are in Phnom Penh and would like to send donation items, we are located at #80 Street 16TB. Please come by and say hello!

If you would like to make a monetary contribution, there are a few options. As the Cambodian banking system continues to improve, it continues to be a challenge to receive money directly into our bank account through simple tools like Paypal. However, a traditional bank transfer is possible but often coming with high fees. If you prefer this method, please reach out to Sokhan ( and he will send you info regarding the transfer. There are some other options through a partnership with Wing, a financial payout service in Cambodia:


Donating with WorldRemit

One option is WorldRemit, where you can easily set up an account and make a secure transfer with very low fees. If you would like to use WorldRemit, you can click on the image below. Here is the information you need:

- 'Collect and any Wing branch' (either USD or KHR)

- First Name: Sokhan

- Last Name: Yung

- Address Line 1: #80 Street 16TB 

- City: Phnom Penh

- Mobile Phone: (+855) 016884003

Once the payment is sent, you will receive an email with a collection number, please be sure to send this by text or e-mail to Sokhan (

Donating with Western Union

Another option is with Western Union. This can be done online and of course in one of their offices. If you choose to donate online, you will need to register an account if you do not have one. Once you have completed that, the form will ask for the following:

- First Name: Sokhan

- Last Name: Yung

- Mobile Phone: (+855) 016884003

Then you will be asked to add your payment info. Once that is completed, please be sure to send this by text or e-mail to Sokhan (

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