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At EAC, we do whatever it takes to keep our kids happy, healthy and in a learning environment. This often means that we are also taking care of some of their families and community to ensure that we can keep them in school rather than having them return home to become money-earners. We do our best to help keep food on the tables for these families, so we have recently introduced a program where we support those in need with basics like our main dietary staple, rice.

If you would like another way to help us, our aim to be able to support these families with one bag of rice per month so they are able to let their children remain in school with us. Our goal now is to supply 6 bags of rice each month to the families in this community in Kandal Provence. We also aim to support local rice farmers rather than purchasing industrial rice shipped from abroad. With a donation of $35, we are able to supply of these families with a local bag of rice. 

We appreciate any donation, big or small. Please visit our donation page for more information if you would like to send one bag of rice, or even make a monthly donation.

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