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While the enrollment rate of children in Cambodia is very high and climbing, according to the National Strategic Development Plan (2014-2018) “The education sector lags and concerted effort is required for improvement. Principal problems include the low quality of learning, limited learning infrastructure, insufficient well-qualified teachers, not fully implemented quality assurance systems, and few quality institutions of higher education”. Our challenge in Cambodia is to find highly educated teachers, and EAC shares in this struggle.​ We have a wonderful staff, who are all passionate and dedicated, but would love assistance and advice.

We know that not everyone is able or has the availability to travel to Cambodia, but if you would like to help from a distance, we are looking for those formally educated in teaching and child psychology who are able to give an hour once a week to meet online with our teachers and local volunteers to learn new techniques and seek advice. 


If you are able to participate, we will match you with one of our teachers. You, together with our Khmer teacher, will decide a time once a week, to catch up and discuss the challenges he or she may have been facing- perhaps with a new technique to teach a topic or how to help a particular student improve. 

We recommend meeting over video calling- either through Google Duo, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. These methods are free, easy to use and only require an internet or mobile data connection. 

If you are interested in this program, please email Sokhan at to set up a quick call to discuss further details. We look forward to hearing from you!

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